• News from August 19, 2009
  CNGM Pictures has been notified that the Naperville Film Festival has chosen Gnome Man's Land as an official selection!

• News from January 11, 2009
  Today CNGM Pictures received word that Gnome Man's Land has been chosen as an Official Selection of the Lake County Film Festival, the international film festival that hosted David B. Grelck's White Out last year and CNGM Pictures' Fate Twisted Simply the year before.

• News from December 7, 2008
  We've upgraded our systems in order to transform the Gnome Man's Land viewer on our main page in order to screen the film in 720p High Definition. Enjoy!

• News from November 10, 2008
  Today Gnome Man's Land goes live on our main page.

• News from November 7, 2008
  Tom Haigh delivered the final audio mix as well as his musical score. Once these elements were added to the film, it was officially LOCKED two days before its official premiere at the 2nd Annual CNGM Fund Raiser in Palatine, IL. It will go live on the front page of this site on Monday the 10th.

• News from October 13, 2008
  Today the official "Gnome Man's Land" website goes live. This site will be the home of the film for all news and updates throughout the production process. Once the film has been completed, the entire short film will be made available for free on this site as well. Keep checking back here for updates!

• News from September 29, 2008
  Before principal photography began on the film, we recorded temporary voice over narration by David B. Grelck, the narrator of the film. This narration was used in the rough assembly through fine cut stages, but ultimately contained many contradictory moments since the film changed subtly during production. Tonight, the final voice over narration was recorded at Energy Command Studio in Arlington Heights, IL. Sean Colbert and Tom Haigh directed the recording, with David B. Grelck giving many different variations on the lines, including a trailer voice over homage to Don "In a world..." LaFontaine.

• News from June 15, 2008
  Today a smaller crew converged at our principal photography location to pick up several shots and reshoot a key scene. The initial take of this scene was shot night for day, as daylight was waining, and after review of the rough assembly, was deemed ineffectual. Along with reshooting this scene (day for day, of course, this time), the crew picked up a number of insert shots and moments that were conceived of during the first rough assembly of the film.

• News from May 25, 2008
  Principal photography has been completed for CNGM Pictures production "Gnome Man's Land," a new short film. This is the first film CNGM has produced in HD and boasts a large number of new production team members.
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